Push, press, point, repeat

Tonights poem is based on the excercise routine I need.

Push, press, point, repeat

Another try, I’ll force myself

I’m slow to start but I’ll excel

Extend, stretch, both left and right

Sweating hard, try as I might

Almost there, not got the knack

It’s well hidden, my 6 pack

Instructor there giving a course

My certificate they’ll endorse

Push, press, point, repeat

Mastered TV remote from my seat


Little by little

Tonights poem is based on the first steps made to move things into our sons new house.

Little by little

Crockery, baskets, pots and pans

First few things that’s the plan

Little by little, more next week

In no time it’ll be chic

Token items, soon be a home

Not built in a day

Just like Rome

He’s ok thanks

Tonights poem has to be about todays news from the US about the potential closure of the government by the Don.

He’s ok thanks

A fantasy vote, has it now backfired

Dwindling staff, can’t keep them hired

With tunnel vision, there’s no way out

A deeper hole, even if he shouts

Good relationships being chastised

Political novice, ties capsized

Rebellion, maybe civil unrest

Sense and calmness needs to be stressed

Communications, all via a tweet

Unprofessional, ever so conceited

Country soon be in gridlock

US becoming a laughing stock

Empire State, he’ll no doubt sell

More money for his hair gel

Serious results, lives at stake

Thanks, he’s ok even if he’s fake

It’s will power

Tonights poem is based on the new years resolutions some may have started, and may have already given up.

It’s will power

A new start, it’s that time of year

It’s January, let’s get into gear

Excercise, a diet, it’s will power

It’s in your hands, you can empower

Convince yourself, sweets tastes of soap

It’s the only way or there’s no hope

Ignore hunger pangs growling away

You’re losing pounds, your next weigh-in

New gym gear still folded tight

Who cares if you look a sight

Trying my best, try all my might

Writing this on my excercise bike

It can’t be

Tonights poem is based on my first day back at work.

It can’t be

With stinging eyes, it can’t be

Alarm’s ringing, please, please not me !

Back to work, it’s a frosty start

In pitch darkness as I depart

Tired faces, everyone looks glum

Earning a crust, pay those Christmas sums

Motivation, it’s lost its way

Until 5 I’ll have to stay

First day over, I need a break

A cruise please watching the ships wake

Not much to do but I’ll do it right

Early to bed, ‘cos I’ll sleep tonight

A new start

Happy New Year to everyone. This’ll be my second year writing my daily blog. A huge thank you to Nicola Hulme who started me on my journey in April 2017 by completing the Napowrimo challenge. As 2019 begins I hope you all have a healthy and prosperous year ahead.

Tonights poem reflects on the end of the Christmas break as we move back to normal daily life with the endeavour to keep our resolutions.

A new start

Festivities over, the chime of a clock

It’s New Years Day, time to take stock

My last lie-in, that’s the best part

From now on it’ll be a new start

The decs down, no need to be deflated

New adventures ahead, they’re awaited

Transform all your hopes and desires

It’s day one, don’t let them expire

Back to normal tomorrow morning

Alarm’s ringing but I’ll be yawning

Bye 2018, hello 2019

Tonights poem is based on the New Year as we move from 2018 into 2019. Happy New Year to everyone.

Bye 2018, hello 2019

Almost there, we’re counting down

Don’t be depressed, no need to frown

The last day, ìt’s now ticked off

Start the year with a blast off

Turn the page, thanks for the year

New adventures, resolutions clear

Will power length, it’s looking bleak

Fingers crossed, the end of the week

Bells are ringing, fireworks explode

People celebrate, champagne flows

All together, lets start anew

To the gym, lets join the queue


Tonights poem looks back at the events of 2018 and looks forward to the future in 2019.


It’s time to think, look back, reflect

The ups and downs, as I recollect

Turn the corner, near the finish line

My memories, some good, some not so fine

A parting gift, from PZCussons, the sack

That phase’s over, I’ll not go back

No friends lost, what a year it’s been

Old ones remain, new ones on the scene

Handwash, shower gel, things of the past

Cereals, Pringles, now earn my cash

My Kelloggs world, my new career

A total change, they even make beer

Our family together, yet another meal

A close knit band, an unbreakable seal

David’s venture, when alterations through

Looking forward, down from three to just two

The past year’s changes, I’m not downcast

We’re here, we’re healthy, the year’s flown past

I don’t need another honour

Todays poem is based on my take on the Queens New Years Honours list published today.

I don’t need another honour

I’m not a sportsman or a politician

Just trying to get through life, that’s my mission

I’ve not saved lives or scored any goals

I only want to earn a payroll

I’ve never had a number one song

Not likely to be awarded a gong

I’m not a celebrity, it’ll never be my turn

I’m not jealous, an OBE, CBE, I’ll not yearn

Already got three letters after my name

By being “Dad”, that’s my claim to fame

Lost lucky charm

Tonights poem is based on an accident that happened this morning.

Lost lucky charm

Stood there perfectly still all night

Untouched, full to the brim, upright

Always the same day after day

Any remnants discarded away

A medical fault, it satisfies my needs

In the early hours, at two or maybe three

A trip to the loo, my gasping nightly thirst

Keeps me awake, but it could be worse

My glass of water, nearly always drunk

Not today, knocked over with a clunk

Water splashing, everything’s soaked

The air’s blue, annoyed and provoked

Least it was me and not Sue

All I heard was “Tut” on queue

Clearing up, behind the dresser a dust farm

To my surprise,

found coins and my lost lucky charm