Ok it’s my birthday 

As it’s my birthday today I’ve written tonight’s poem about me. Steady on…

Today: Ok it’s my birthday 

365 days have gone

Since the anniversary of when I was born

So much has happened in that time

I’m a year older, that must be a crime

A little wiser, or so they say

All I know is I’m going more grey

Inside I feel I’m still seventeen

Thankfully, I’m not yet a has been

No more all-nighters with those 45 RPM’s

Now I need to be in bed by 10 pm

Sometimes I’d like an afternoon nap

I’m not quite there for a tweed flat cap

To some I may be long in the tooth

I still have fun but I’m not in my youth

A few years yet before I leave work

Until then, I enjoy the teamwork

It’s a long way off to a Zimmer frame

Ok it’s my birthday, life’s just a game


The bigger the better 

Todays poem is based on the standard daily prompt of ‘undulate’. One for the adrenaline junkies.

Today: The bigger the better 

Click, click, click, ascending into the air

Your hearts pounding but you’ve paid your fare

Almost there, at the top, on the edge

Panoramic view, touching it outstretched

Stomach churning, hurtling down

It’s the Big One at the fairground

Face distorting, pulling G force

Over too soon it’s run it’s course

Excitement heightened, adrenaline rush

Eyes widened, your face flushed

Back of the queue, ride it again

Another go, honest I’ll stop then

Flashing lights entice you in

Paying your money with a grin

The bigger the better, the rides they create

Up, down, fast as possible, please undulate 

Money, money, money

Todays poem is based on the standard daily prompt of ‘Fantastic’. I’ve based it on money.

Today: Money, money, money

Now ‘Tap and Pay’ from ‘Ink and Quill’

Vast differences paying your bills

White five pound notes in times gone by

An app on your phone, electronic money flies

From Guineas and Crowns, Florins and Tanners 

Decimalisation, pound coins and pennies

Chip and pin, no more cheque book

Consigned to the scrap book

Be it either phone or plastic

Payment methods, so fantastic 

Sad and forlorn

Todays poem is based on the standard daily prompt of ‘Forlorn’. A different aspect.

Today : Sad and forlorn 

From a successful business and family man

A luxury life, holidays in Cannes

A detached house with brand new cars

Quality marques, Porche and Jaguar

All change in the blink of an eye

One bad decision, wave it goodbye

A world implodes, spiralling down

All in the past, los his crown

On a street corner that down and out

Once a millionaire you very much doubt

Living day by day with his begging bowl

Has he really sold his soul

Or did his wandering eyes stray

Behind the wife’s back, playing away

Making the books balance as he frets

Nowhere to go, drowning in debt

No longer the perfect life adorned

But hand to mouth, sad and forlorn


Todays poem is based on the standard of ‘Funnel’. It made me think about the times I saw funnels as a child. 

Today: Funnels 

Fifty years since I saw a host

Cargo ships sailing from the coast

With goods they came to unload

Lorries waiting on Regent Road

Once a busy inland port

Cranes, all sizes, tall and short

Revived after derelict years

Media City, breaking new frontiers

All that’s left, cranes and dock gate

Salfords’ past, transporting freight

Memories as a boy passing by

Seeing red funnels in the sky

Those I see now are on our trips

Relaxing whilst on cruise ships

Where’s the day gone

Tonights poem about my day, a very busy Saturday.

Today :  Where’s the day gone 

Twenty four hours in a day

How to use them the best way

Fight your way round the shops 

Home, lunch, nearly drop

Dutiful son, go and visit my Mum

Little soldier, sun shines from my bum 

Some friends tonight, Chinese take away

Where’s the time gone, just so fast today

Fire ’em I’m furious 

Todays poem is based on the newly released book about Donald Trump. It had to be. 

Today: Fire ’em I’m furious 

Child like, his toys thrown from the pram

“I’m not playing”, presidential scam

Everyone’s fake when people disagree

No mercy, disowned, chopped at the knees

‘Fire and Fury’ in the White House suite

As expected, new book denounced in a tweet

Another wrong decision, as ever spurious

“Don’t like my comb-over?”, “Fire ’em I’m furious”

Totally viable

Todays poem is about my new position at work. For the next 3 months I’m ‘assisting’ with the New Product Development team. Today I’ve found out the full scale of the role and it needs 2 people. Nicola to the rescue. Hopefully the role will be for a lot longer, please ?

Today: Totally viable 

Internal change of job, as ever pliable

It’s taken too long, but justifiable

Now in the right role, so undeniable

Immediate results, identifiable

Deliver as always, so reliable

Huge workload, classifiable

Colleague is needed, totally viable

Ryanair passenger

An obvious subject from todays news.

Today : A Ryanair passenger 

News today of a passengers plight

Who couldn’t wait on a Ryanair flight

A delayed journey, Malaga bound

Waiting to disembark on the ground

Emergency exit, had he had enough

Or was it perhaps an asthmatic cough

On the aircraft wing, what a brave man

Or was he desperate to top up his tan

Back to work 

Todays poem is based on my day back at work after Christmas

Today: Back to work 

A shock this morning, my alarm hit 6

Missing the Christmas daily lie in fix

First one, difficult day, back to work 

Earn a crust, provides lifes little perks 

Colleagues walking round looking tired 

Lost and scared, the newbies who’ve been hired

Managed the day, but it wasn’t ideal 

Thankfully tonight a big family meal