Not a chance

Today I thought, it’s going to be a good day, but how wrong was I. Our new team isn’t working and is now becoming a bottleneck. It’s embarrassing. I even thought I may be able to work things through as the pressure was off. Wrong again.  

Not a chance 

Her garbled email, ‘feel sick’ I think ?
You never know, in her armour a chink ?

A chance to work, pressure free

Eager, excited, full of glee

A stressless day, ahead I planned

Not a hope, any ideas canned

Emails arrived, thick and fast

Doing the best, keeping us harassed

From her sick bed, still micro manage

It’d still happen if she was a cabbage

Surprise, some training’s taking place

Surely useful for us to embrace

Another time, confuse, maybe sleep

An act, big boss must upkeep

Excluded again, kept like a mushroom

Fed shit, waiting for our doom 

Wigan Casino – part 2

It’s been a long time since I  posted ‘Wigan Casino – part 1’ so tonights tracks are all classics from the soul venue from the 1970’s. Hopefully these will make your toes tap, or maybe even dance. 

The first is a belter from 1967. 

Frankie Beverly & Butlers – If that’s what you wanted 

Another classic from 1967.

Epitome of sound – You don’t want me no more 

An outstanding track from the Detroit ‘Revillot’ label. 

Rose Batiste – Hit and Run 

Don’t blink, this’ll be over. 

Rubin – You’ve been away

One with a catchy start now from 1966.

Jerry Williams – If you ask me 

In a Jiffy 

Sundays poem is for today’s daily prompt of ‘Jiffy’. Strange choice. 

In a Jiffy 

Padded cells, protective blocks

Inside maybe, a delicate clock

Packed lovingly, a wish and prayer

Hoping safe arrival, faraway there

Years before, brown paper and string

A label, a knot, inside anything

Bought online or sent from home

Postman delivers, a jiffy from Ebay or Amazon

Too much to do

Todays poem is the story of my life & relates to the daily prompt of ‘Organise’.

Too much to do 

Juggling balls, one after the other

Daily pressures, that’s just another

More spinning plates, non must drop

Keeping on and on, it never stops

Multi-task, that’s the answer

The wife thinks I’m just a chancer

Home and work, sometimes interweave

Way to resolve, roll up my sleeves

Alternate view, why not delegate?

Tried that before, the results I await…

If only I could be better organised

Any outcome would be a surprise

Key dates in my life

Todays poem is based on the daily prompt ‘delivery’ and contains the most important dates in my life. 

Key dates in my life

Etched on my mind, three delivery dates

Since I met Sue, through a chance of fate

A letter in 81, I carry everyday

Words are faded, the paper is frayed

But I’ll keep it to my dying day

In 84 our wedding day, stood by my side

Dressed in white, my beautiful bride

Together we’ve faced many ups and downs

At times we’ve both worn hospital gowns

In 88 our newborn son, arrived to this world

Our family unit, we were thrilled

Who knows what the future holds

Grandparents maybe, we’ll be kept on our toes

Are they thinking it’s a mistake ?

It’s now proving our newly created team is not working. After several high powered meetings there’s rumbles of disbanding the hierarchy and restoring the old department. Please, please….

Are they thinking it’s a mistake ?

At long last, questions over new team

New structure failing, nightmare not a dream

‘Bottleneck’ quoted, missing deadlines

Revert back as before, lots of positive signs

First financial loss, any key date missed

The two fools will leave, blow them a kiss

Misguided ideas, global standardise

Glaring mistake, directors realise

Previous team worked, agile and fast

Quality output on time, but that’s in the past

An ode to Glen 

Sad news recently about Glen Campbell. His songs take me back to my youth. 

An ode to Glen 

A silky voice, an echo from yester-year

Another star lost, sadness and tears

A country singer, famed for ‘Galveston’

Numerous hits, many number ones

‘Linesman for the county’, a classic lyric

‘Wichita Linesman’, a song that’s idyllic

Since ‘Gentle on my mind’, forty years have past

A wonderful song, outstanding, just class

Robbed of his talents, far too soon

All that’s left, recordings of his tunes

Glen’s looking down, smiling with joy

He’s here then gone, the ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’

Comes around again 

Today poem is based on the daily prompt of ‘Carousel’. 

Comes around again 

Hand painted horses, moving up and down

A carousel ride, going round and round

Music plays, bright lights entice

Why not, let’s go on twice

A showmans pride, part of the guild

Constant upkeep, making people thrilled

A Wurlitzer sound from bygone days

A travelling show, gone in a haze

All that remains, tyre tracks from heavy gear

It’ll come round again, this time next year 

Just amble along

Todays poem is based on the daily prompt of ‘Amble’.

Just amble along

As dawn breaks through

One day, my dream may come true

A slower pace of life

For me and Sue, my wife

Move away when I retire

We can sit by our log fire

There’d be no more rat race

I can put away my briefcase

Somewhere with a sea view

We can sit with a cake, coffee or brew

An easy life, somewhere to belong

Watch the world go by, just amble along

Sunday Morning 

There was an amazing fly past this morning overhead. Such a roar.  

Lancaster Bomber

Sunday mid-morning, a thunderous sound

Hold on, something’s shaking the ground

Four merlin engines, roaring overhead

There goes the lie-in, I jumped out of bed

A Lancaster bomber flew over, what a view

Where’s it going, I wish I knew

Across the sky it flew from nowhere

An old war plane, it gave me a scare

Social media lit up, all a glow

Someone knew, it’s off to a local airshow

Expected Spitfires, no show, misled

It’s Sunday, I’m going back to bed