Running rebel

Todays poem is based on the standard daily prompt of ‘Rebel’. It’s based on someone I know.

Running rebel

Here he comes again, he’s known throughout the town

In every shop, each aisle he goes up and down

For certain products he runs in the door

Straightening and pulling others to the floor

A neat display he loves to see

No payment needed, he does it for free

“Beware some products” he’ll confess

Your displays will end up in a mess

Love or loathe him, with trainers stripled a treble

Like a whirlwind, he’s in and gone the running rebel


Juggling balls

Todays poem is based on the activities of the day. Going from a quiet day to run off my feet

Juggling balls

What a day, all non-stop

Run ragged, round the block

So many jobs, juggling balls

One after the other, phone calls

New deadlines, different plans

Offices first, painting from cans

Short time to finish, so much to cram

Where I’m going, directions on the tram

As if by magic

Todays poem is based on two phone calls I received.

After finishing at PZCussons two weeks ago I’ve been on holiday and started today applying for jobs. Within an hour I had two phone calls from agencies discussing possible new roles. How surprising.

As if by magic

From right to left, from up and down

Two weeks away, still have a frown

As if by magic, two jobs appear

Phone rings, I’m surprised to hear

Only contracts, I’ll negotiate the pay

Sue’ll not be happy, I might start in May

St Peter Port

Final poem from our recent holiday. Day 3.

St Peter Port

Arrived early morning into the bay

Weighed anchor, large swells and sway

Tender 20 across to the quay

Beautiful town, shopping’s tax free

Forty paces, a coffee and cake

Herding cats, what have we undertaken !

Jewellery, clothes, goodies galore

Rolex, Omega, Bulova and more

Comedian tonight, then pay the bill

Tomorrow, train home, Mum, Dad, Sue & Phil

Seaward bound

Catching up on a few poems written during our recent short cruise. Due the internet availability I was unable to publish them. This was day two, a sea day.

Seaward bound

Today we’re sailing, seaward route

Tonight it’s formal, my dinner suit

Stroll around the ship, Commodore Club

Cocktail bar, the place, the meeting hub

Standard practice, sales today, usual tricks

Excess stocks, drawn in to hot picks

Special dinner, lobster and steak

Casino losses, chips and stakes

Day off tomorrow, hit the shops

A watch, no vat, prices drop

Typical bank holiday

Todays poem is based on today, a bank holiday and the desire to get away for the eay

Typical bank holiday

An early start, we’re seaside bound

Funfair rides, everything’s a pound

The sun’s out, playing on the sand

In the tower, the ballroom’s grand

Miles to go, still in the car

Heat’s rising, you need a bar

It’s scorching, accident ahead

Raised voices, wish you were still in bed

Miles of traffic, stuck all day

Give up, turn round, typical bank holiday

Bursting our bubble

Todays poem is based on the standard daily prompt of ‘bubble’. I’ve used recent experiences as the basis and hope you understand the image.

Bursting our bubble

This time last year, our work life was fine

For Nic and me, what lay ahead down the line

Turned upside down our life so perfect

Little did we know of what was expected

A hated change, a hated role

A new team, forced to enrol

Day after day, so much you can bear

Automated out, now it’s my armchair

Maybe the best, may have been trouble

SAP’s to blame for bursting our bubble

It’s all over, till the next one

We’ve been away for short cruise. Absolutely needed it.

It’s all over, until the next one

Our Guernsey cruise comes to an end

Safely docked, Southampton not Southend

Left 4184 then time for breakfast

Served on deck 9 as yachts sail past

Paid the bill, no outstanding debt

Taxi to the train, some friends we met

Long hot journey, soon back home

Tonight no dinner suits or ball gowns

Unpacked, toast and coffee, please food no more

Relaxing, wondering who’s now in 4184

An eventful April

I completed poem each day for the Napowrimo2018 challenge. Only one or two times did I deviate from the optional prompt. April has been a challenging month as I started out in full employment and now I’m temporarily retired. Somewhat unplanned.

An eventful April

An eventful month, some lows and highs

An ode each day, but some sad goodbyes

With optional prompts, some easy to follow

Early in the month, news that’s hard to swallow

Take up the challenge, encouraged all

Some humorous poems, I’ve had a ball

Every day continue post poems anew

Maybe one a day, or even a few

From being busy each day, a 9 to 5

With time on my hands, I’m now an archive

Take things easy, a different pace

The blog may explode, watch this space