A local country hall

Today I’ve written about one of our local country halls. A wonderful place at all times of year. It’s inspired my very close friend Nicola Hulme to write her first children’s book “Portia the Pear who wanted to be Pretty”. Check it out. 

Today : A local country hall

Tree lined approach, coloured Autumn hues

The family seat comes into view

Deep in the country, a historic manor

Not touched by any town planner

In the grounds, antlered deer roaming free

Visitors enjoying afternoon tea

Perfect place to walk on Boxing Day

Blowing the Christmas cobwebs away

The kitchen garden holding writing courses

Apples and pears as ideal sources

Ghostly items move unprovoked

The haunted hall, mystery cloaked


An out and out fraud

Todays poem is based on personal experience. 

  • An out and out fraud

Loud, brash, lacks a sense of fun

Troubleshooter, a hired gun 

Self important, ultra demanding

Bullying tactics, words stinging 

To the bosses, presents a front 

Finding results, a treasure hunt 

Delivered system, totally flawed 

Arrogant, an out and out fraud 

Just an act ?

Todays poem is based on personal experiences.

Today  : Just an act 

Stands out from the crowd 

Unique, ever so loud

Extremely well qualified

Responsibility, steps aside

Prancing vertical and upright

Exhibitionist, very forth right

Draped in vintage style clothes

Ultimate soles, teetering toes

Scary even abstract

Genuine or just an act

Slightly tame

Todays poem is based on the standard daily prompt of the title. 

Today : Slightly tame

A prickly character, difficult to understand

Fish out of water, “do as I say” she demands

Blunt nature, poor communicator

Certainly a reputation creator

Hard worker, but so erratic

Try my best, be diplomatic

Two weeks away, enjoyed the rest

Her boss makes her stressed

Change of attitude, is this a game?

Still an atmosphere, but slightly tame


Always believe 

Todays poem is based on both the daily prompt of ‘believe‘ and my love of the best music going, Northern Soul. 

Today : Always believe 

Watching ‘Top of the Pops’ when I was three

Singing ‘She loves you’, on a black and white TV

Portable record player, Tamla Motown records

Searching Woolworths stores for ‘Pop-ex’ seconds

At thirteen discovered Northern Soul

My love of it has no control

No other music does it for me

Gets you dancing, records cost a fee

Some so dear I don’t have the wealth

Remember, dancing improves your health

When I pass people may grieve

Keep the faith in heaven, always believe

Not superficial 

Sundays poem is based on the daily prompt of ‘superficial‘. 

Today: Not superficial 

Diplomatic, helpful, friendly and calm

Resolving problems, preventing alarm

Through gritted teeth, not being blunt

If only they knew it’s just a front

An old fashioned style, it goes a mile

Genuine person and not superficial 

Pillar to post 

Saturdays poem is based on the daily prompt of ‘Elastic‘ and re-tells my working life.

Today : Pillar to post 

Through my working life, a bullet dodger

My career’s near the end, I’m an old codger

Moved from one department to another

Feet not touching the ground as I hover

Flexible, changing, keeping going

Who cares, just as my pension’s growing

Pillar, post, pulling and …. off !

Least it’s paid my mortgage off

Last few years I need some TLC

My elastic’s stretched, I want to break free 

No clicking heels 

It’s Friday again and it’s been a decent week things have been going well. Next week who knows? 

No clicking heels 

​Past two weeks certainly appeal

Smooth running machine, no clicking heels

Amazing duo with our fast turn round

Next week let’s hope we don’t run aground

Until then enjoy the weekend while we can

Her return,  morale ends up down the pan

You can’t deny

Todays poem is dedicated to the recent dreadful situation in Las Vegas. I’m saddened by the by the needless deaths. Something needs to be done.

  • You can’t deny 

Just another day, yet more deaths

Society implodes, to what depths

Answers please who is to blame

Guns, people, this murderous game

Everyone’s right to bear arms

Hitting the target, smiling charms

It’s the person say the gun lobby

Harmless pastime, another hobby

Killers family, their at fault

It’s time now to call a halt

Before more families need to cry

Ban the guns, you can’t deny