A word of caution

Todays poem is based on the standard daily prompt of ‘Complication’.

A word of caution

If only life was an easy ride

Absorb all the problems in your stride

Nothing’s simple or straight forward

Things can go smoothly or can be awkward

Before I end a word of caution

Why is there so much complication


No rest for me

Todays poem is based on the standard daily prompt of ‘Premature’.

No rest for me

Holding my breath, eagerly awaited

That’s days arrived, earlier than stated

Retirement, a rest, it was only 3 weeks

So many jobs, paintings done with no streaks

A new role awaits, this week’s flown by

Monday morning it’sl work, I know Sue may cry

Out the window, planned rest for all May

Another time who knows, home I’ll stay

A few years yet, retirement for sure

This time too soon, just a little premature

We need to disinfect

Today’s poem is based on the standard daily prompt of ‘Infect’. This is my take on it

We need to disinfect

Fossil fuels, chimneys smoke

Billowing clouds, people choke

Chemical waste, polluted rivers

Dangerous hazards not life rivers

Carbon gases from car exhausts

Plane flights, what’s the real costs

Throwaway plastic, filling the seas

Killing the planet, bringing it to it’s knees

Find ways to solve this, why not invest

Can’t go on forever, we need to dis-infect

My close friends

Tonights poem is based on my very close friends from Pzcussons. We had a meal last night as I’m no longer working there. They are without doubt some wonderful working colleagues and close friends.

My close friends

As you get older they say life moves on

As one era closes another has just begun

I’ve wonderful friends in my working life

Project Leaders and Nicola, she’s been the other wife

For many years Nicola and I worked side by side

A wonderful author and trainer, my partner in crime

There’s Stuart, Mr easy going, just so laid back

His knowledge is endless, he keeps everything on track

There’s Caz, we go back years, days in R&D

So organised she’s now head of NPD

And Joe, the man, the legend, the mystery machine

Works with Carex hand gel to keep our hands clean

There’s Fid, our little Irish holiday maker

A true party animal, with tales from her capers

And Dr Jenny, who loves her pleaser heels

Ever so strong, but can’t have gluten in her meals

There’s Steve, the formulation man who’s on his bike

When he falls off he looks such a sight

So close to you all, wonderful of friends

Social media and outings the ties will never end

Over in media city a new job awaits

There’s Colin O’Kell and hopefully some new mates

I’ll always be part of PZCussons, not gone so far

There’s times when I’ll be back, Sue’ll bring me by car

You’ll stay in my mind forever

When will I forget you ?


Pedigree friend

This is Tuesdays poem based on the daily prompt of ‘Pedigree’.

Written last night on my way home from a night out.

Pedigree friend

Two wide eyes, a wet nose

A black paw, an obedient pose

A squeaky toy, your pedigree friend

A licking tongue, loving to the end

Sleight of hand

Todays poem is based on the standard daily prompt of ‘Slight’. I’ve obviously adjusted the prompt.

Sleight of hand

Some say it’s the speed of light

Others say too it’s fast for sight

Dexterity, deception, conjuring trick

Deceiving your eyes and ever so slick

It doesn’t matter where you stand

Magical skills, a sleight of hand

Modern technology

This poem relates to my activities today.

Modern technology

New laptop and printer, our excursion today

Dual memory, process, megabyte display

With so many brands, such a wide array

The sales force targets think I’m an easy prey

Unpacked ready to go, another female voice

Cortana talks, press mute, now I have a choice

No scanner installed, wi-fi printer set

Old IT skills kick-in, there’s life in me yet

Another coffee please

I struggled with todays prompt so I’ve written about one of my favourite drinks.

Another coffee please

Upon the shelf so many brands

All over the world, picked by hands

There’s bottled, beans, pods and grounds

Normal prices,with some lots of pounds

Easy to make, machine or pour

If I could I’d have some more

A morning fix, lunchtime brew

Afternoon latte, the evening too.

Nobody weeps

Todays poem is based on the standard daily prompt of “Forest”.

Nobody weeps

A hundred years ago, just fields around

Small saplings planted each deep in the ground

Still fields remain, green shoots appear

Inch by inch, new growth, year by year

Decades pass by, from copse to wood

Tall trees sway, that’s understood

Strong winds blow, timber cracks

An aged one falls, a hundred year tree

In the huge forest, yet nobody weeps