Who’d be a blade of grass

Tonights poem is triggered by someone from last night’s open mic night. This is not my usual style but great fun.

Who’d be a blade of grass

It’s no joke being a blade of grass

I’m in a patch and I’m grown on mass

There’s strong ones, tough ones and weaker ones too

You’ve got to duck when the dogs start to poo

Children kick a ball, they’re sliding around

Before too long it’s just dirty muddy ground

I was once a grass seed so young and true

Fed twice a week in a lawn that was new

Lovingly tendered and mowed every week

Looked so smart and striped so neat

Next door’s grass is so overgrown

An empty house, there’s no one at home

In the summer I’m lush and green

I’ve not quite made it to Cheshire Life magazine

In a drought I’m marked and yellow

Sometimes rolled, smoked by strange fellows

Not long enough for crop circles or rings

But sometimes flattened by couples having a fling

Buttercups and dandelions with roots so deep

But I’m glad I’m not in a field of chewing sheep

Early in the year there’s so much springy moss

Scarified to pieces with some blades lost

Out here all day in rain and shine

Not tucked up in bed, that would be fine

All of a sudden, dug up, in a skip one day

New owners started pouring concrete away

Oh sod it !!


Speak up

Tonights poem is based on my experience at tonights poetry open mic night.

Speak up

Waiting, waiting, it’s me next

It looks like I’m their main suspect

I’ll not talk, my lips are sealed

No words spoken, too much revealed

Closer, closer, see the whites of their eyes

I’m still speechless, I feel hypnotised

Finally, stuttering, speaking words

From the audience, “speak up”, you can’t be heard

Last minute call

Tonights poem is based on an email and phone call I received tonight.

Last minute call

Closing your laptop after a hard day

Urgent last minute call from the USA

Postpone plans arranged for tonight

You’ll be there ages, try as you might

Skype call with clever computer heads

This problem’s growing arms and legs

Before too long one hour’s passed

The cleaner’s are in, they’ve taken my glass

An empty office, I’m all on my own

It’s getting late, is it worth going home

Only passenger on the commuter train

It’s dark, it’s dreary, pounding heavy rain

A micowave “ding”, dinner is ready

Asleep on the sofa, my eye’s are so heavy

A little treat before bed,

a tonic and gin


hoping for that lottery win

An enveloping hug

Tonights poem is triggered by an image I cut out yesterday at the Vision Board session.

An enveloping hug

Roughly piled kindling and timber

Flames dancing from white hot embers

Shapes flickering, moving around

As if dancing to a beat or a sound

Grandfather clock ticking down the hall

It’s steadfast, sturdy, proud and tall

The enticing aroma from a log burning fire

The heart of the house, opposite a comfy sofa

Cedar logs crackle splintering wood

I’m sat watching, warming, it’s enveloping hug

A Vision Board

Tonights poem is about this morning session with the amazing talented Nicola Hulme who gave a wonderful training course on Vision Boarding.

A Vision Board

Inner reflections of your desires

Maybe, even those dreamy spires

Inspiration for positive thoughts

Looking back, that’s something you bought

Powerful images with meanings so deep

Help overcome hurdles so steep

Capture a moment, yours to exploit

A guide through life, your compass point

In your minds eye, an abundant dream

Unkowing attitude, subconscious scheme

Dreams and goals, your magic lamp

Many successes rubber stamped

A single place that hits the chord

Pictures and words on a Vision Board

Another year older

Tonights poem is based on today. My birthday.

Another year older

Another year older, the dreaded day

Time and tide, can’t keep it at bay

Inside, I’m still in my teens

Outside, almost a has been

Thanks to all, I’ve had a great day

All too soon, another will be coming my way

Long time ago into this world I came

Hopefully, a while before I need a Zimmer frame

Tomorrows birthday meal

Tonights poem is based on where we’re going for my birthday meal.

Tomorrows birthday meal

The usual Chinese or maybe a curry

Such a dilema, can’t decide in a hurry

My taste buds going, I can’t loose

Wonder which one should I choose

Poppadoms or prawn crackers

My salivating lip smackers

Exotic aromas, mouthwatering flavours

Ever so moreish, dishes to savour

Heavenly tastes for tomorrows birthday meal

Savoury or spicy but it’ll be ideal

Let’s get on

Tonights poem is based on the events of the evening. I’m not giving the crown jewels away but it’s been tense. This is very rare for us.

Let’s get on

Raised voices not see eye to eye

One word, off the handle we fly

A look, a “tut”, a sideways glance

That’s your opinion and your stance

Disagreement, I can’t take it anymore

The pubs open, “one whisky please” not four

Long awkward silences cut the air

“Tea anyone” stops us flare

Hindsight, it’s a wonderful thing

Compromise, some peace it brings

In this world where bigger problems grow

Let’s get on, it’s not worth having a row

Are we really alone

Tonights poem is a little different than normal. I looked up to the skies for inspiration.

Are we really alone

Shooting stars race across darkened skies

A world unknown, our visual treat

The crescent moon glints it’s eye

With theories of Apollo seats

Burning bright, the galaxy’s fire ball

A life giving eternal light

Spots, flares, the Sun’s got them all

From inky eclipse to burning bright

The celestial planets lineup afar

Supanovas explode light years away

Mysterious deep black hole zones

Orbiting moons glide and sway

This Earth, are we really alone

A slow hot potato

Tonights poem is based on a computer system I’ve been using. Thankfully someone else will be taking it over.

A slow hot potato

Tapping my fingers, waiting for hours

An antiquated system, must be steam powered

So much to enter, it’ll take me all day

Scratching my head, is there no other way

It’s duplication, just give me a reason ?

Must’ve been written in silly season

This hot potato now passed to me

Please, please, it’s only temporary

Everyday work, piling up high

Ignoring emails, calls and Skype

A saviour to the rescue, thank goodness

But it’ll take weeks to grant Becky access

Red tape and forms, turning the air blue

There’s just too many hoops to jump through

Love it or hate, SAP maybe bad

This slow system, it’s utterly mad