A slow hot potato

Tonights poem is based on a computer system I’ve been using. Thankfully someone else will be taking it over.

A slow hot potato

Tapping my fingers, waiting for hours

An antiquated system, must be steam powered

So much to enter, it’ll take me all day

Scratching my head, is there no other way

It’s duplication, just give me a reason ?

Must’ve been written in silly season

This hot potato now passed to me

Please, please, it’s only temporary

Everyday work, piling up high

Ignoring emails, calls and Skype

A saviour to the rescue, thank goodness

But it’ll take weeks to grant Becky access

Red tape and forms, turning the air blue

There’s just too many hoops to jump through

Love it or hate, SAP maybe bad

This slow system, it’s utterly mad


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