Today’s poem is based on the daily prompt. Easier than yesterdays. The prompt is ‘Partner’.


All those years ago, my first job in ’78

Call it Karma, or maybe call it fate

Computer programming, that was just the start

Little did I know, you’d capture my heart

Within a short time, we pledged our devotion

A love so strong, wider than any ocean

For over 30 years now, we’re husband and wife

Stronger every day, we’ve a wonderful life

Good times and bad, along the way

Some so severe, on bended knee we’d pray

More ups than downs, you’re my partner-in-crime

We’re blessed with our son, never in, works shift times

Not long now, we’ll be “Derby and Joan”

Dave’s plan, his own place, we’ll be on our own

Our life together, a roller coaster, a big dipper

Together we’d take on anything ahead

But first have a rest, like a pair of comfy slippers 


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