This may be my last blog post for a short while as I’ll be unable to access the net.

Today’s prompt is ‘paper’ so I’ve based it on our new SAP system. 


Computers planned, reduce paper mounds

Save the lumberjacks’ felling rounds

No longer need to print A4

Much, much less than a book store

New system demands total opposite

Print everything twice, secure in black white

Huge change from creating barcodes

New SAP system process overloads

New supplier forms, thick and fast

Checking, printing, a pile amassed

E-mail, confirmation, approval, boom !

Filing cabinet please, we’ve no more room


Tonights poem is not work related. It’s from the daily prompt. 


Birth to death, an eternal loop

Treadmill of life, jumping through a hoop

School, work, retire, exist

Repeating circles, God’s waiting list

Day by day, life gets hard

Constant struggle,  battle scarred

Up’s, down’s, as life goes round

Like a ride at fairground 

Tunnel Vision

I should’ve posted this yesterday but I ran out of time last night. I’d also calmed down after yet another day where things are getting worse on our new system. Let’s hope today is better, but I’m not holding my breath……..

Tunnel Vision

Another day, heat and confusion

This way, that way, no ways of working

Extended meeting, can’t get our point across

Talking stick, one at time please, boss

All day updating our log

Had to post this on my blog

At some point there must be direction

Otherwise there’ll be so many corrections

Ignore implications, little training, tunnel vision

Car crash awaits, head on collision


First holiday photos

Following last night’s poem about unearthing old photos I’ve concentrated tonight’s on the first holiday I remember. There are a few black and white pictures showing how we enjoyed it ? 

First holiday photos

Holiday snap on Rhyl beach

Sandcastles, flags, a pound each

Sea front photo, pulling a toy train

Watching kites fly, like weather vanes

Holidaying, a cramp caravan

At only four, a was little man

That was over 50 years ago

Cruise holidays now

The seas ebb and flow


Tonights poem is from a prompt provided by my work colleague, Nicola Hulme. It’s Nicola you need to blame for my poetry and blog. She’s a ‘soon to be published’ author of a childrens book and she’s my inspiration. Please check her blog out. 

Today’s prompt is ‘old photos’. 


Bundles of photos, an old suitcase

Faded pictures, almost lost without trace

Faces of family, no longer here

Memories, they bring a tear

Evidence that they existed

One or two were tight fisted

Some horrendous fashions

Passing phases, some peoples passions

Holiday snaps when I was a child

In adulthood, these photos I’ll stockpile

A happy day

My parents, the wedded pair

Mum and Dad gone

I sit and stare

Wigan Casino – part 1

Carrying on the weekly Northern Soul history. This week it’s Wigan Casino. 

On September 23rd 1973 the world famous Wigan Casino opened its doors. Previously known as The Empress Ballroom this cavernous place became the heart and soul of Northern Soul. Numerous iconic records were discovered and played here. From 600 people on the  first night the club rocketed to over 100,000 members. Eventually I became one of those. The doors opened at 12:30 am and closed at 8:00 am. An all nighter. Many DJ’s still have cult followings. One such being Richard Searling. If you can please listen to UK local BBC Radio Stoke on every Saturday evening from 6- 8pm. Wonderful memories.  

Tonight I’ve selected a few classics. 

The first two records played there.

Put your loving arms around me – The Sherries

Afternoon of the rhino – Mike Post Coalition 

Run for cover – The Dell’s 

Stolen hours – Patrice Holloway

Suspicion – The Originals

Dance, dance, dance – The Casualeers 

In orbit – Joy Lovejoy

Hit and run – The Contours 

 You hit me where it hurt me – Alice Clark

Some famous footage from the dance floor at the Casino on this next single. 

What – Judy Street

Super rare single next at the time. 

 Cry your eyes out – Dottie Cambridge

Now a few smooth soul tracks.  

Something new to do – Bobby Sheen

In 1976 this next single cost £170. That was the most expensive at the time.

Seven day lover – James Fountain 

This is beautiful. 

Just loving you – Ruby Andrews

Last one for tonight. The lyrics are outstanding. So beautiful. 

I go to pieces – Gerri Grainger

Hopefully part 2 next week or the week after. Enjoy these classic tracks. 


Today’s poem is based on today’s prompt, ‘bottle’. 

It made me think how quickly our life’s could change. 


Transformed from a respectable businessman

Summer months, Riviera life, Monaco, Cannes

Luxurious life, home, family, fast car

Debt called, falling from his star

Alcohol soothes, obvious answer

Downward slide, the bottle cancer

Sort time, one extreme to another

I’d do anything,  if this was my brother

A Delight to the Senses

After such a warm day I thought I’d write todays poem whilst sat outside. There’s nothing on the TV anyway. I’ve taken my inspiration from the daily prompt – ‘Blossom’. I only had to look around me.

A Delight to the Senses
Pen in hand,  writing this ode

Sat in the garden, around me, floral colours explode

Blossoms with shades of pink and white

Catching the sun, dazzle in daylight

All around new growth, fauna and floral

Signals early summer, almost choral

Long shadows painted, by early evening sun

Cross freshly mowed grass, striped one by one

Shrill birdsongs fill the air

So lucky

I appreciate this

Sat in my chair

Why create these monsters 

A break from my usual style of poetry. Tonights poem reflects on the London high rise tragedy. 

Why create these monsters  

Someone, somewhere had a vision

Create a monster, build up not demolition

Multiple floors, reaching the sky

Each a death trap, far too high

Built before emergency procedures

Cost prohibited safety features

Too late


Who’s to blame?

Gift of hindsight finds a name

Public to the rescue again

Kind donations, so humane

So many losses, there’s an uproar

Please God, disasters no more

School Dazed

Change of style to tonight. A move away from a work related poem. There’s one written that I may publish later. 

School Dazed

As youngsters we’re taught English and Maths 

My school, teachers were psychopaths

Taught how to do our sums

Counting on fingers and thumbs

Other subjects at school, around total

Some stories I could tell, anecdotal

Strange school trips, I’m not scarred

Great times, alcohol, being barred