Using our own pencils

Tonights poem is about the local elections.

Using our own pencils

This last week we all went to vote

A litmnus test, not proxy or remote

Using our own pencils to place the cross

For councillors and the mayor who’s boss

Across the country, four corners and all

A range of candidates all standing tall

As results come in, some surprises all round

Some of the usual suspects lost their ground

There’s now politics to excess on TV

Be it red or blue,

they overcharge don’t you agree

By Phil Tongue 2021

Two hours later

Tonights poem is about 2 hours of hilarious fun we had this afternoon.

Two hours later

A great afternoon letting off some steam

Two non work events with the Packaging team

Musical bingo, honest there’s no stress

Crosses everywhere, my attempt was a mess

Simon our host played 80’s and more

‘House’ we heard as Kelloggs roared

‘Through the keyhole’, that’s session part two

Darren’s our host so expect fun on cue

So much laughter, it’s hurting our sides

Seeing peoples houses, that opened our eyes

We all had fun but our Emily’s unwell

Thanks from us all, and hurry up get well

By Phil Tongue 2021

Get ‘le grip’

Tonights poem is about the Jersey fishing dispute.

Get ‘le grip’

Le trawler’ men are not ‘le pleased

There’s forms to fill and not with ease

They’re bobbing up and down in the bay

Their fishing boats are causing an affray

Outside Jersey’s port, and that’s not swell

They’ve sea legs, you can always tell

It’s French ‘tit for tat’, or so they say

The power’s going off, if they get their way

It’s a Brexit war, our Navy’s here

Just get ‘le grip’, let’s have a Stella beer

By Phil Tongue 2021

Over the hump

To poem is about Wednesday afternoon.

Over the hump

The sun’s been out, so far so good

Yesterdays rain won’t be gone for good

The week’s in progress, day by day

Now over the hump, we’re on our way

From the start now on the downward slope

When we’re over something we can all cope

By Phil Tongue 2021

A rhyme in a row

For tonights poem I was a little stuck. You can tell.

A rhyme in a row

From a blank page where do I start

Putting rhymes together I try and impart

Capturing words that maybe sound alike

Searching long and hard, try as I might

The words and phrases they don’t always go

But two lines together, a rhyme in a row

By Phil Tongue 2021

Bank Holiday plans

Todays poem is about our busy Bank Holiday.

Bank Holiday plans

With so much to do and many places to go

Meet myself coming back, going to and fro

There’s jobs lined up, I’ll not get the time

I’m busy doing nothing, it’s not a crime

After lunch but which job to do

Coffee or tea, I need a brew

Bank Holiday plans, maybe after this yawn

The day’s gone too fast, it has flown

By Phil Tongue 2021

Taking stock

Tonights poem is written to the Sundress prompt of ‘write a letter’.

Taking stock

To whom it may concern……

I don’t want to work to earn

Please make your wheel spin

Please let my numbers win

More funds, a holiday?

Let me stop these paydays

You say you’ll not bestow

There’s more to life than dough

Your health, family and home

So much you have, more than some

The ups and down of life

You’ve no trouble or strife

A new car, TV and shoes

But I always seem to loose

Please stop this withholding

‘Cause I need the folding

Through the world people suffer

I want more bread and butter

Wait again, you say you have

So much and do nothing by half

You’re job provides your wealth

Compared to some you’ve perfect health

Your good life’ll never cease

Instead of war you live in peace

Take stock, please don’t scorn

Look around, it’s where you’re born

Why do you have this greed

You’ve everything you need

By Phil Tongue 2021

A warm welcome

Tonights poem reflects on the change as we move into May.

A warm welcome

“It’s here again” I hear you say

“Sorry, what is ?”, the month of May

Each year it arrives, a cloud lifts

Seasons rotate, one of God’s gifts

Warmer times upon us again

A special month, a link in a chain

Winters struggle is finally over

I can hear them now, those garden mowers

Not long now for summer holidays

Staycations are this year’s craze

The Naprowrimo challenge was so much fun

I be there next year and do another one

May will glide into June and Summer

Recharge the batteries then Autumn colours

Through Winter, through this time next year

Good luck to all, raise a glass “Cheers”

By Phil Tongue 2021

The only way to travel

Tonights poem is for day 30 of the Napowrimo challenge. Todays prompt is to write a poem about how to get to a particular place. I’ve adapted this to a wonderful holiday we had a few years ago and re-used a previous poem.

The only way to travel

Our flight arrived in perfect time

Excitedly we sail to the ships bell chime

At last, transatlantic luxury travel

7 days and nights for us to unravel

Queen Mary, the Cunard liner

The only to sail, nothing finer

Thousands of miles, no hurry, relax

Too much food, even midnight snacks

3 days and nights pass so fast

Blue ocean, wild and deep, yet so vast

Ladies wear finery, gents dinner suits

Gourmet food and champagne flutes

A front row seat, the evening show starts

Which restaurant tomorrow,
‘A la carte’ ?

Casino gamblers, they lose or win

A nightcap to follow, I’ll not be thin

3 days have past, 3 more to go

Before we see that Broadway show

So much food, I’ll not stay trim

Will power I’ll need, or a visit to the gym

Halfway there, half has past

Back home too soon, a life so fast

Up the lift, towards the grill

Everyday a perfect thrill

Reality check, it’s no dream

“Is that the time”, I’ll have an ice cream

3 days, more miles, this is heaven

‘Til we see journeys end Manhatten

Rat race behind us, long time ago

Why not, let’s book another show

Final morning, we dock at dawn

New York arrives as we yawn


By Phil Tongue 2021

Looking in

Tonights poem is for day 29 of the Napowrimo challenge. Todays prompt is to write a poem looking into a place or onto a particular scene. I’ve selected a window we all have.

Looking in

It’s there looking, listening in every room

In the corner or on the wall I assume

Before Alexa and Echo its just a tube

Hidden technology that was once a cube

There’s people watching you watching them

It’s an addiction to which we succumb

Our daily plot of life we’re playing out

Information gathered I’ve no doubt

Monitoring us and everything we see

Without knowing we’re on prime time TV

Our everyday life is now a daily soap

Pushed to social media, I’m at end of my rope

By Phil Tongue 2021