These things called rhymes

Tonights poem is about the evening activity of creating a poem.

These things called rhymes

Day after day, each evening without fail

Some small, some even large scale

A daily poem, kicked off by a prompt

Some nights, the ideas I’ve been swamped

Wide ranging subjects, which one to choose

Odes with humour, others make you snooze

Covering life, work, even good for a rant

Staying in your mind, they’re turning into a chant

Some maybe good or bad, should I serve some time

Hope your getting used to them,

these things called rhymes

8 hours ago

Tonights poem is a humourous one.

8 hours ago

In the dead of night during the early hours

There’s the stop and go of electric power

Startling nocturnal animals, no-one else’s around

Footsteps followed by an occasional clinking sound

On the back there’s different bottles in crates

For tea and coffee, with or without, that’s a debate

So many choices from full to skimmed

That’s been watered down, we’re sure it’s been thinned

Collecting the empties, sometimes leaving your bill

For you to pour, dry cereals wouldn’t be brill

The milk floats electric motor’s humming

I bet Tesla thought, I see this coming

In all weathers your milkman, he’s been and gone

All this whilst we’re in the land of nod

Fresh milk each day, by your door he’ll pass

Just think, 8 hours ago this milk was grass


Tonights poem is the second today and it’s just a short one.


A quick poem tonight, I’ve not run out of steam

Monday’s the next, no more in-between

An earlier one this morning, I was blowing a gasket

I don’t care what some think, I know I’m a basket

40 thousand reasons

Today I’ve an early poem. After watching the news about “Super Saturday” I needed to rant.

40 thousand reasons

I knew it would happen, it’s too good to be true

Especially when we’re turning buildings NHS blue

Pubs opening their doors, they’re must be self control

But they’re out on the lash and out on a roll

It’s table service, that sounds like a great fix

But alcohol and social distance, they don’t mix

Let’s hope that’s a one off, else we may frown

A pint’s ok but we’ll end up back in lockdown

So when you’re feeling bad, hungover, never again

Compare that to the 40 thousand victims who’ve perished in vain

Loosening the grip

Only just made it.

Tonight’s poem is about the opening of hairdressers and pubs.

Loosening the grip

As the clock struck midnight, all gowned and masked

“One at a time please” the hairdresser asked

Outside the door forming a queue

In the rain they stood, the desperate few

All shapes of brolly but they couldn’t hide

Their tresses underneath sprouting from all sides

The once neatly coiffures now unfurled

Elongated and full of unruly curls

Even lines of black and flecks of grey

Needing lots of help or else they’ll stay

Some doing a deal they know you’ll adore

A cut and blow and a free pint in the pub next door

Take it easy

Tonights poem is about tomorrows easing from lockdown.

Take it easy

On the cusp to loosen the tightening grip

Our lifestyle’s changed during this horrific trip

With everywhere closed, remember those panic buys

Loo rolls, flour, pasta, off the shelves they’d fly

Social distancing, furlough, now buzzword phrases

The gaps between us we must not erase

Working from home is now the norm

With CDs or radio stations, which one I’m torn

Out and about, some trendy face masks

Keeping covered up, it’s not much to ask

So many sad job losses it’s just so unfair

And all holidays lost, and some refunded fares

We’ll get through this, we’ll all survive

When good times come, yet again we’ll all thrive

From tomorrow is it opening Pandoras box

Take it easy please or we’ll be turning back clocks

Come on behave!

Tonights poem is about my stressful afternoon on the laptop.

Come on behave!

Hours and hours of work typing away

A stressful time it’s sending me grey

Information stored in Microsoft Excel

It’s driving me mad was it designed in hell

Vast data in columns and rows

I don’t believe it, the laptop froze

Tapping the keys then blue screen of death

Some profanities were said, under my breath

It should recover via the sytem Autosave

But disabled by Onedrive, come on behave

It’s all gone pear shaped I’ll have to redo

I’m turning off because the air’s turning blue

Just a tidy up

Tonights poem is about the impending opening for hairdressers.

Just a tidy up

There’s been no sissors snipping

No buzzing of clippers clipping

Last hairdressers visit, it’s been a while

My hair’s been growing to a 70’s style

It’s sprouting everywhere and down the back

There’s a pony tail, please no wise cracks

All straight hair’s now curled

As this lockdown’s unfurled

My smooth face sports stubble

An itchy beard causes trouble

First visit to the barbers is soon in store

With one in and out, they’ll be queuing at the door

Just a number 2, never a Covid cut

Just tidy up, I look like a wing nut

We’ve come a long way

Tonights poem is about the our 100th day in lockdown.

We’ve come a long way

Sat here writing this ode

We’re so far along this road

From early March we’ve been at home

So many people isolated, all alone

No travelling out, just keeping safe

Social distancing, that’s the case

Working from home every day

Skype calls with work then rest and play

There’s been lots of DIY with jobs done

Decorating, painting second to none

All lockdown our holidays are binned

The days just blur then it’s weekend

There’s been birthdays through windows and doors

And Rainbows shine for a great cause

We’ve Superheroes pounding the roads

Some with underpants outside their clothes

Only outings are for the weekly shop

For the wrinklies some Snap, Crackle and Pop

Now it’s time to loosen the rules

Let’s hope it works and people aren’t fools

Keep it on track

Tonights poem comments on the difference in weather.

Keep it on track

There’s cold weather blowing outside

Makes you want to run away and hide

Has Summer gone, there’s very little sun

Only cold and lots of rain to come

Darker nights are now drawing too close

We’ll need the fire, snuggle and warm our toes

Restore the Summer, keep it on track

It makes us smile, please bring it back