No wizardry required

Tonights poem is about the changing of laptops.

No wizardry required

All of a sudden there’s a knock at the door

It’s now arrived, new technology and more

A transfer process with steps to do

It better be simple or the air’ll be blue

It’s plug and go, thankfully everything’s there

With a few tweaks, just need to compare

Up and running no wizardry required

A new Kelloggs laptop as the old one’s tired

By Phil Tongue 2021

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World Book Day

Tonights poem is obvious.

World Book Day

A to z joined in forms together

Little words create the never never

Through the looking glass with footsteps to heaven

With the Famous Five or the Secret Seven

The Goosebumps, Harry Potter they all teach

Robinson Crusoe and Roald Dahl’s peach

Dickens, Shakespeare, Leo Tolstoy

Our little grey cells absorb with joy

Orwell, Christie and Harper Lee

Classics, timeless I must agree

Where’s Wally even Jack Reacher

Mythical beasts and Magical Creatures

Mysteries, adventures, Jayne Ayre

The Fixer Man and Portia the Pear

By Phil Tongue 2021

How time flies

Tonights poem is about the decades in my life.

How time flies

In 1960 when I was first around

The swinging sixties, Tamla Motown sound

In 1970 constant learning with days at school

Gaining knowledge, I’m nobody’s fool

In 1980 a working life and dating Sue

Soon my wife, how the time’s flew

In 1990 our home, our young son

Building experience, steps one by one

In 2000 our trip to the US of A

Seeing the world before I’m old and grey

In 2010 a change of profile

My daily exercise I’d run a mile

In 2020 with Covid a year to forget

With social distancing, a vaccine jab duet

In 2030 who knows what it will occur

A future ready, foward only and not as you were

By Phil Tongue 2021

On the verge

Tonights poem looks at the starts of Spring.

On the verge

The world it turns through troubled times

As nature renews showing many signs

New buds burst forth on twisted boughs

Yet to come their coloured shows

Seasons change as our lives go on

Autumn, Winter, Spring and soon Summer sun

As we cope with complex twists and turns

We can look back and use all we’ve learnt

By Phil Tongue 2021

St David’s Day

Tonights poem is about the the above.

St. David’s Day

It’s the first of March, to mark the day

Daffodils bloom their yellow display

The country’s veg, it’s a tasty leek

A giant spring onion, it’s so unique

Welsh cakes or maybe Bara Brith

With a pot of tea, that’s perfect bliss

The valleys celebrate their rugby win

It’s best we all take it on the chin

The sun’s been out let’s hope it stays

Enjoy what’s left of St David’s Day

By Phil Tongue 2021

Is there light

Tonights poem is about the future.

Is there light

Through troubled times the weather shines

The future’s bright, out of our confines

A chance to walk, breathe country air

Is there light or too much to dare

At a distance yet within our grasp

Keep to the rules it’s a simple task

As life goes on, let’s keep on track

Back to normal please no set backs

By Phil Tongue 2021

Spring Sun

Tonights poem is about the warm weather today.

Spring Sun

We’ve weekend sun, the temperature’s higher

Going to the shops, there’s some strange attire

On my once a week essential trip

Some people need to get a grip

Round the town they’re everywhere to see

It may be warmer, some people seem carefree

As temperatures rise you can see them all

Sights that may hurt your eyes, some short some tall

Guys in Hawaii shirts sporting loud flip flops

Setting pulses racing, girls with almost there tops

The barrell chested who are holding it all in

Even a few with a six packs under their chin

Down Sainsburys, Tesco’s but not Waitrose aisles

‘Cos in there you need more than style

This warm Spring Sun, another day beckons

Enjoy it, cos next week it’ll be cold I reckon

By Phil Tongue 2021

Superheroes of Sale

Tonights poem is about the local superheroes.

Superheroes of Sale

Just ordinary people out for a run

Their alter-egos bringing such fun

A daily run since lockdown began

An idea maybe, or even a plan

Raiding the cupboard to bring some cheer

Their transformation into superhero gear

A starting point where we can watch

It’s the award winning Eskdale Lodge

All across Sale, down roads and avenues

With birthday wishes, their request list grew

One by one they arrive with style

Wishing happy birthday, making children smile

There’s Captain America, Mr Incredible too

And Batman and Robin to name but a few

Superman, Spiderman, Cat Woman’s there

So many superheroes, it’s what they wear

Wonder Woman, Anna from Frozen and even Thor

I’m losing count there’s so many more

Now they’re famous on breakfast TV

And all for charity so they do it for free

By Phil Tongue 2021

A change of mood

Tonights poem is about todays weather.

A change of mood

A February day to lighten the mood

No wind, no rain, as seasons renew

The rays of warmth beaming down

Makes you smile no need to frown

Sun streams through, lighter nights almost here

From our darkness there’s something to cheer

By Phil Tongue 2021

Back in the day

Tonights poem reminisces about the past.

Back in the day

What was once new is now so old

Still young inside even thinks he’s bold

Memories so clear but some slightly grey

As they say that was “back in the day”

A back drop now and something will break

No dancing now or I’ll start to ache

On my Zimmer frame I start to creak

Almost over the hill, this antique

By Phil Tongue 2021