One pair of hands

Tonights poem is based on my working day. Everything was urgent and top priority. The royal “we’re late” gets used too much.

One pair of hands

Sit back, take stock, a moment to reflect

Thinking time or you’ll remain perplexed

Top priority, very urgent !!!

Do your best but is it time well spent ?

Before actions, is it inside your control

Don’t waste time down a black hole

Put first things first then you’ll achieve

Gain clarity, see the wood for the trees

Too much pressure, use your circle of influence

Surely everyone knows it’s just common sense

Throughout the confusion, I’m not super human

It’s smoke and mirrors, just an illusion

One pair of hands, I can’t read minds

So far, I’ve not missed a deadline

(None that I’ll admit to)


Be bold

Tonights poem is based on the first of the companies buzzwords, “Be Bold”.

Be bold

Walk tall, you’ve already won

Just turning up, a job well done

Absorb, understand and over time

Challenge convention it’s not a crime

Ask awkward questions, what-if, how and why

Be confident, suggest, you can only try

Succinct, articulate, occupy your space

Be brave, stand up, you’ll not lose face

Be resilient, never afraid to fail

Be positive, maybe a new holy grail

New ideas, try and try again

One day, one will surely win

Investigate, new process that’s smart

Any failures, don’t take them to heart

Total encouragement from above

A company culture to be proud of

Be bold, just one attempt that’s ace

Corn Flakes, the company showcase


Tonights poem is based on a simple gesture made today.


No safety net, no comfort zone

Out of work and all on my own

My time of life, dramatic change

Where do I turn, what’s within range

A new job, at 58 now the new boy

Adapt to the role before I can enjoy

A simple handshake sealed it all

Now established, even installed

Few months in, so unexpected

Total inclusion, everything’s accepted

Property ladder

Tonights poem is based on the steps of owning your first home.

Property ladder

Rubber stamped, sealed with wax

Deal is done, no looking back

Papers to sign, need a date

Quotes in, just can’t wait

Giant mortgage for 25 years

It’s all relative, calm your fears

Put down roots, make your own

Property ladder, your first home

Wet paint

Tonights poem is based on my activities today. Painting.

Wet paint

At long last I can now gloat

Long brush strokes, a final coat

Many hours before it’s dry

I’ll wave that job goodbye

All painted and no mess

Always more jobs, I guess


Tonights poem is based on a decision that needs to be taken.


In two minds, should I, shouldn’t I

Don’t want to let this one go by

Make a decision that’s right

Hope the quote doesn’t fright

Monday deadline, palms start to sweat

In a dilemma, hopefully no regrets

September song

Tonights poem reflects on the year gone by and yet to come.

September song

Early dusks signal Summer ending

Colder days, starts of seasons changing

Looking back over warmer days

Several months, extreme heat haze

Not long now it’ll be a new year

For many friends it’s been a time of year

New journeys begin as lives move along

Onwards, upwards from this September song

Larder, fridge and freezer

Tonights poem is based on a meeting we had this evening.

Larder, fridge and freezer

Financial review, a look at the books

Check the money, even in crannies and nooks

Counting all those pennies and pounds

Planned retirement that’s safe and sound

Monetary affairs, three phased stages

Building the pot, but it may take ages

The best returns, spread the risk,

Mostly ups but the odd miss

Today, tomorrow, the future, that’s easier

Split across Larder, Fridge, and Freezer

Bricks and mortar

Tonights poem is based on a prompt and discussion today.

Bricks and mortar

A first step, a gigantic leap

Your castle, a bailey and keep

Somewhere for you to put down roots

A house, a home, no substitute

Turn of a key, your place to belong

Your adventure begins, it’s lifelong

A money pit, worth every penny

A better investment, there’s not many