Please no more Mr Postman

Todays poem is based on the volume if junk mail we receive.

Please no more Mr Postman

Through my letterbox you send to me

A mountain of mail, it just can’t be

Behind the door they all drop

Please no more, please make them stop

It’s very odd how they’ve got my name

All sorts but double glazing they’re a pain

“Not at this address”, I send them on their way

In droves they return each and every day

Steady yourself, up the path, you rehearse

So many in hand, I’ll bet you curse

No matter how I try they just don’t stop

Such a waste, in recycling they are dropped


Fathers day

It’s the Fathers day in the UK and what a day it’s been….

Fathers day

Today it’s fathers day, oh yes, hurrah !

Lovely present son you’ll go far

Not handkerchiefs or pattern socks

Last years are still in their box

“Just buy anything” David said

Ideas runing around my head

A tempting offer, a new Wednesday watch

More like, a tie or sweets from butterscotch

Whatever the gift or the amount

After all it’s the thought that counts

World cup wonders

This is Saturdays poem. It’s based on the world cup and the draw we did at work.

World cup wonders

A world cup draw, it’s a good cause

Pay the money, dip, grab and pause

Japan. Far outsiders, what a swizz joke

Something fishy, mirrors and smoke

England hopes they’ll go far

Early bath, proping up the bar

All change

This is Fridays poem. It’s based on my year so far.

All change

This year, a year of changes

Ups and downs, like mountain ranges

Early start with peak and highs

Balloon’s burst, bumps and cries

World shaken up not knowing what’s next

There’s a Kelloggs name tag for me to collect

Eventful day

This is Thursdays poem. I was too late to post it.

Eventful day

All events in one working day

Once a temp, now Kelloggs way

Evening drink with ex work mate

Lost my phone, in a panic state

Safe in ‘Us Four’, is this fate

As Tony the Tiger says “It’s great…”

Starting again….

Todays poem is based on an interview I had today for a longer term role.

Starting again….

Nervous energy or knees knocking

Hands shaking or the buildings rocking

Stomach’s turning, grumbling, growling

Severe hunger pains, face scowling

Interview, a new contract

Laid back, composed, nerves intact

Relaxed at my time of life

“Walk in the park” said Sue the wife

A free gift ?

Todays poem is based on a free gift my son received today at work.

A free gift ?

Mark an occasion, it’s a free gift

Something for nothing, help the mood lift

A ten year special in a large glass

Not etched but logo transfer passed

A treasured possession, some may think

Store it away, don’t wash it in the sink

Not many to buy, not many left

It’s such a bad year, so many bereft

Or maybe an after thought perhaps

Or an over order on the system SAP

Hot, hot, hot

This is Mondays poem. I’m a day late. It’s about the weather.

Hot, hot, hot

Another day, the mercury’s rising

Hate the heat, a day you’ll be despising

Sun worshippers, bask in the heat

So hot, cracking the concrete

Too cold, my aircon office

It’s right, it’s wrong, so, honest