Listening to the rain

Tonights poem is based on the weather and what it’s been doing all weekend.

Today : Listening to the rain

Some countries they’re dry as a bone

Nothing grows, there’s only sand and stone

To the heavens above a tribal dance

Spinning round and round, going in a trance

Other countries they suffer floods

They hope and prey, wish it would stop

The oceans are full but none you can drink

Without a downpour we’d be on the brink

If your country is dry or wet

Without a doubt, an amazing asset

Some people may think it’s just a pain

Watching and listening to the rain


Over the horizon

Tonights poem is based on the standard daily prompt of ‘horizon’.

Today: Over the horizon

The day appears from the east

Nightime darkness now released

The daily trudge lays ahead

An eight hour day then to bed

There’s more to life somewhere beyond

Grass is greener over the pond

No cares, no worries, let all pass by

Dark clouds clear, there’s just blue sky

Foever sailing away, that’s the best

Horizon setting sun in the west

The blink of an eye

Tonights poem is based on the standard daily prompt of ‘Blink’.

Today : The blink of an eye

Sat here contemplating this ode

I maybe a way down lifes road

Wonderful memories from being a child

I grew up as a mod, I was never wild

Anxious start to my work life

Greeted by Sue, who’s now my lovely wife

We’ve been blessed with our wonderful son

“Dad can you…”, he’s never a pain the bum

One day there’ll be a sound ever so sweet

“Grandad…”, the patter of little feet

Remember time it’ll pass you by

It’s here and now,

Gone in the blink of an eye

What a shock

Todays poem is based on the standard daily prompt of ‘Shock’. This tells a story from today at home.

Today: What a shock

Call a tradesman, expect a job done

A new radiator, warm and cosy, just so stunned

Paid our money, left us a leak

Atmosphere, you guessed it, very bleak

Returned once, thought it’s fixed

Tea and coffee, thoughts are mixed

All I can do, bung it with a sock

A bill from someone eĺse, what a shock

So agile

Tonight’s poem relates to my work and home balance. It also includes the daily prompt of ‘Agile’. 

Today: So agile 

At work I’ve moved department and role

They expect speedy results, that’s the goal

I’m not fast on my feet, but I’m very slick

It’s only three weeks in, the turnround’s quick

It’s now black and white, and no longer grey

People are talking, I must have a smooth touch

No more fences, we now have a business lunch

At home I’m not nimble nor am I swift

I know, I can’t help it, it’s just a gift

It’s a good job at work I’m not fragile

It’s back to the old job soon, I’m so agile

Use their loop hole 

Todays poem is based on the standard daily prompt of ‘Loop hole’. 

Today: Use their loop hole 

Either a fastening or a way round

To keep you in or turn things around

A get out clause in the small print

You need to read it all and really squint

Companies use them as an excuse

It’s legal jargon and it’s obtuse

If you get round it, there’s a drum roll

Get back them, use their loop hole

Where’s the loyalty 

Todays poem is about an email I received from Cunard and their lack of customer service. 

Today: Where’s the loyalty 

After years of cruising with Cunard

So many places to choose, it’s so hard

A birthday email to my surprise

Lots of offers, any upgrade prizes?

My email posed, promotion on again

Waiting to book for November tenth

The response received opened my eyes

No customer service, not in any guise

“Pay your money take your chance”

Where’s the loyalty

I’m not under Cunards trance

Fully entertained 

Todays poem is based on the standard daily prompt of ‘Entertain’. This is based our love with TV.

Today: Fully entertained 

Beside you on the side, a remote or three

There’s one for SKY and one for terrestrial TV

With news, sports, drama, films and soaps

Whodunit crimes, was it the butler with the rope

Programs to keep you on the edge of your seat

But there’s always one asleep, it’s usually Uncle Pete 

Heroes and villians play out across the screen

Fingers crossed they keep the language clean 

So much happens in the window in my room

They’re not watching me, I’m watching them I assume 

It could always be the other way round

My air guitar may shock them or it may even astound

Actors in their roles, reeling me in like a chain

On prime time TV, keeping me fully entertained 

Hiss and static 

Todays poem is based on the standard daily prompt of ‘Static’. It’s also based on my love of vinyl music.

Today: Hiss and static 

Multi-coloured lights and bright displays 

Huge glass fronts showing which record plays

Familiar songs with a rich deep sound

The turntable spins a vinyl record round

Names like Wurlitzer, Ami and Rock-Ola

From 50’s cafes where they served coca-cola

Your selection takes you back in time

Three minutes of history, all for a dime

Songs today, are all so pure and clean

Where’s the essence of the music scene

Vinyl records are never perfect and automatic

The needle as it plays gives a mellow hiss and static

Evoking Memories 

Todays poem is based on the standard daily prompt of ‘Evoke’. This looks at specific points and how they trigger memories.

Today: Evoking Memories 

Memories are not what they used to be

To trace your family they now want a fee

Black and white photos from years ago

Are they Uncle Bert and is that Uncle Flo ?

That treasured object, a gift bestowed

An antique worth thousands, or so your told

Those family get togethers you recall 

As a child, most times asleep I’d fall

Some scented aroma and fragrant smell

Capture times you knew so well

A moment in time, a holiday photo

When you said yes and my heart was aglow

Whatever it may be making memories provoke

How lucky we are that something can evoke