Another audience 

Todays poem is based on the daily prompt of ‘Recite’. Whenever I have to speak to an audience I draw on the best training course ever received. Spartacus comes to mind but that’s for a future post. 

Another audience 

Nerves in shreds, throat so dry

Stand and deliver, speech, black tie

Expectant crowd, will I be heard ?

Not sympathetic, or devour every word ?

Rehearsed, committed, no stammer

Ready, prepared, checked the grammar

Introduced, shaky words spoken

Scanned the floor, initial reaction

Heart pounding, pulse set racing

Audience captured, jokes interlacing

Confidence abound, successful tonight

Encore, same tomorrow, another recite 

Perfect Symphonies 

Todays poem is based on the new daily prompt as it suits one of my obsessions, soul music.

Perfect Symphonies

Seven inch vinyl, pressed in a mould

Discarded by many, to me solid gold

Either a few or quantities vast

Classic soul music, made in the past

Tamla, Motown, Atlantic, Stax, labels

American artists, spin on turntables

Collectable rarities, worth up to thousands

Out of reach, to me and my hands

Feet tapping, dancing all night

Carries me away, they’re ‘out-a-sight’

Perfect symphonies, memories recount

Remember, it’s what’s in the groove that counts 

This continual nightmare 

It’s Thursday and today I’ve written my poem using the prompt of my daily torment. The thorn in my side in our new team. No names but…

This continual nightmare 

Pain killers don’t take it away

Not again, the same yesterday

Monotonous tone, mumbled lilt

Unable to change, traits in-built

A square peg, a round hole

Blinkered view, unsuited role

A nightmare, a perpetual dream

Pain free future, reset the team

Endless Tears 

Today’s poem is from a new source for a daily prompt, Rebecca Bardelli.

Endless Tears 

One arrives, one departs

Emotions, tugging the heart

Soul set forth, tragic loss

Funeral pyre, flowered cross

Utter dispair, endless tears

Revolving door, year on year

Circle of life, no longer mourn

Celebrated birth, first newborn

Begins again, flood of joy

Family adore, their baby boy

Is it worth it ?

It’s difficult to be positive about my new position and newly created team as there’s a glaring gap between my old role and my new role. The one key word to sum up the difference is “control”. Now there’s a total lack of control whilst previously everything was undertaken and provided in a controlled manner. At some point in the future I’m sure something will be unearthed to make people understand how open and uncontrolled we now are.

Is it worth it ?

Ten years ago, a lifeline thrown

Since then, knowledge has grown

Absorbed, developed, like a sponge

Leap of faith, a deep plunge

Quality, standards, turn-round honed

Unbelievable, all now disowned

Skills the new team has lost

Not now, but at what future cost



When it’s gone it’s gone 

Struggled for a prompt today so I’m using the idea of time. Grasping the moment and using every minute of the day. 

When it’s gone it’s gone 

Fill your day, as now is going away

Use it wisely, don’t lose the time

Wasting it, disgraceful crime

24 hours will soon be gone

Don’t put it off, start from dawn

Soon a memory, a precious moment

Make the present your special event

At midnight, today is lost

Can’t rewind time, not at any cost

Today passes by in all its glory

Never to return, fading into history

Not a chance

Today I thought, it’s going to be a good day, but how wrong was I. Our new team isn’t working and is now becoming a bottleneck. It’s embarrassing. I even thought I may be able to work things through as the pressure was off. Wrong again.  

Not a chance 

Her garbled email, ‘feel sick’ I think ?
You never know, in her armour a chink ?

A chance to work, pressure free

Eager, excited, full of glee

A stressless day, ahead I planned

Not a hope, any ideas canned

Emails arrived, thick and fast

Doing the best, keeping us harassed

From her sick bed, still micro manage

It’d still happen if she was a cabbage

Surprise, some training’s taking place

Surely useful for us to embrace

Another time, confuse, maybe sleep

An act, big boss must upkeep

Excluded again, kept like a mushroom

Fed shit, waiting for our doom 

Wigan Casino – part 2

It’s been a long time since I  posted ‘Wigan Casino – part 1’ so tonights tracks are all classics from the soul venue from the 1970’s. Hopefully these will make your toes tap, or maybe even dance. 

The first is a belter from 1967. 

Frankie Beverly & Butlers – If that’s what you wanted 

Another classic from 1967.

Epitome of sound – You don’t want me no more 

An outstanding track from the Detroit ‘Revillot’ label. 

Rose Batiste – Hit and Run 

Don’t blink, this’ll be over. 

Rubin – You’ve been away

One with a catchy start now from 1966.

Jerry Williams – If you ask me 

In a Jiffy 

Sundays poem is for today’s daily prompt of ‘Jiffy’. Strange choice. 

In a Jiffy 

Padded cells, protective blocks

Inside maybe, a delicate clock

Packed lovingly, a wish and prayer

Hoping safe arrival, faraway there

Years before, brown paper and string

A label, a knot, inside anything

Bought online or sent from home

Postman delivers, a jiffy from Ebay or Amazon

Too much to do

Todays poem is the story of my life & relates to the daily prompt of ‘Organise’.

Too much to do 

Juggling balls, one after the other

Daily pressures, that’s just another

More spinning plates, non must drop

Keeping on and on, it never stops

Multi-task, that’s the answer

The wife thinks I’m just a chancer

Home and work, sometimes interweave

Way to resolve, roll up my sleeves

Alternate view, why not delegate?

Tried that before, the results I await…

If only I could be better organised

Any outcome would be a surprise