Is it just me

Tonights poem’s about time.

Is it just me

Six months have past, six more to go

June says ‘goodbye’, July ‘hello’

Days are long but the years are short

Do the best you can, the ball’s in your court

Time is passing fast or is it just me

Inside feel younger, outside an antique

By Phil Tongue 2022

Don’t grow old

Tonights poem’s about the cock-ups were having regarding care for my father-in-law, The Duke. Numerous letters from Social Services, DWP and Trafford Council all wrong.

Don’t grow old

To me, to you, have they any clue

Stop and start, we’re in a queue

Confusing letters, astronomical bills

Social Services you’re making us ill

DWP you’re being too bold

Get it right, the Wrinklies are getting old

By Phil Tongue 2022

I can’t wait

Tonights poem’s about holidays.

I can’t wait

Summer holiday booked, six months ago

Counting down days, sun please not snow

Anticipation, eagerness

Relaxation, no more stress

Weeks have flown, it’s nearly here

Everything’s planned, soon a sightseer

Last minute clothes shopping dash

Stick it on plastic, I’m not holding cash

Almost here, it’ll soon be gone

Great idea !

Let’s book another one

By Phil Tongue 2022

Total Contrast

Tonights poem’s looks at the differences.

Total Contrast

A sunny tennis court, back and forth

Crowds clap and cheer, they’re wanting more

But there’s strikes afoot, all costs increase

Yet miles away it’s war not peace

Shopping centre explodes, they don’t deserve

The world’s a mess, and nations starve

Putins senseless war, a conclusion fast

Day by day such a vast contrast

By Phil Tongue 2022

I wonder where

Tonights poem’s tongue-in-cheek.

I wonder where

Tonight my mind’s blank, I don’t know why

Out the window there’s a plane in the sky

Clouds up high, is the sun breaking through

I wonder, I wonder where they’re off to

A relaxing break, a beach or two

I’m not jealous, maybe it’s Jet2

By Phil Tongue 2022

Ready, steady slalom

Tonights poem’s about the state of our local roads.

Ready, steady slalom

Bouncing up and down, forward and back

Careering along like a funfair track

Peaks and troughs, pebbles flying around

Metal and rubber scraping the ground

Three surface levels scraped away

From tarmac to a cobblestone way

Wheel trims, exhausts, casualties of impact

Boy racers avoid keeping body kits intact

Buses and lorries, the surface churned up more

Expensive alloys take a hit by the score

Roadside debris, exhausts and big ends

Resurfacing not needed, let’s not pretend

Cars zig-zag along the slalom runs

All that’s needed is a starting gun

Councillors ball joints, snapped by the ground

Surprise, surprise, repair money found

By Phil Tongue 2022

No need for a tent

Tonights poem’s about the Glastonbury festival.

No need for a tent

At last it’s back and with ticket in hand

Transport chaos, different routes planned

It’s camping time, it’ll not be 5 star

Down at Worthy Farm, it was almost too far

A weekend of music, not to be missed

Keep hold of the wellies, even when pissed

Who’s headlining, which of the stages

I’d need a hotel bed, that’s just my age

Leave it to the revellers, that I should

One drop of rain, it’ll be a sea of mud

Glastonbury’s here, a traditional event

I’ll watch on my TV, no need for a tent

By Phil Tongue 2022

Happy birthday Nic

Tonights poem’s dedicated to my very close friend Nicola as it’s her birthday today. An important milestone for an important person.

Happy birthday Nic

It doesn’t matter how hard I try

To reach that point, the highest of high

Almost an impossible task, aspiring to you

The benchmark’s set, just a fraction will do

Such artistry and imagination

Creative works to capture the nation

Moulding language sometimes tongue-in-cheek

With poetic works just so unique

The bar to reach you’ve set so high

I’m trying my best as the years go by

Setting a standard of perfect prose

A box I’d need and stood on tip-toes

Ever so passionate for the written word

Helped focus what was originally blurred

A successful author, a real motivator

A people person, a true radiator

A lifelong friend who has a vision

My good friend Nic, my inspiration

Standing out from the crowd, ten feet tall

Happy birthday Nic from one and all

By Phil Tongue 2022

Going nowhere

Tonights poem’s about the current train strikes.

Going nowhere

Sat on the station looking down the line

The 8:27 doesn’t look like it’s fine

Going from A to B, but not by train

They’re at a standstill, not taking the strain

It’s money and jobs, it’s always the same

But you need to get there, it’s drive or the plane

No intercity that’s going click-ety click

The mother-in-law’s ok, she’s on her broomstick

The future of the rail, so far it’s just talk

The planes are now cancelled so you may as well walk

By Phil Tongue 2022

I forecast

Tonights poem marks a future change.

I forecast

The years have flown, where have they gone

That coiled spring is now undone

Going grey and long in the tooth

No spring chicken, passed since my youth

Times have changed since those days

“Computers !”  I said, just a passing phase

Bit by bit with knowledge amassed

A quieter life, I forecast

No longer work, just rest and play

That’ll be my Little Bit of Luxury Every Day

Snap, Crackle and Pop, it’s been Great !

Such a choice or maybe just Cornflakes

Vital experience across all types

Total contrast, trips to the stars and stripes

A time to enjoy, a new part of life

Rest, relax, just me and Sue the wife

By Phil Tongue 2022