Flying Kiwi

Day 22 of the Napowrimo challenge. Today write a poem that engages with another art form. Anything is in bounds here, so long as it uses the poem to express something about another form of art.

Flying Kiwi

Elusive artist, works appear overnight

Bringing joy, laughter, they delight

Some three-D scenes adorn drab walls

Of opening doors and waterfalls

Not graffiti but chalk works of art

They wash away, he’ll restart

A floor or wall, his blank canvas

People or cartoons but nothing outlandish

Or comic characters with an ironic twist

Some so humourous locals have a wish list

All this art displayed for free

All with a tag of “The Flying Kiwi”


Forgotten paradise

Day 21 of the Napowrimo challenge. Today write a poem that doesn’t make formal sense, but which engages all the senses and involves dream-logic. Mines about a….

Forgotten paradise

Lost down endless pathways swirling through my mind

Fragrant lemon trees and olive groves entwined

Far away deep azure sea surrounds all sides

Steep passageways zigzag past daily high tides

Donkey rides shooting past whitewash walls

As freshwater trickles over marble waterfalls

Blue dome roofs, for shelter from the heat

Oranges dropping to the floor, juicy and sweet

Hustle and bustle of a fresh fruit market place

Endless streams of visitors touching heads saying Grace

Below humming sounds echo across the bay

As cable cars rattle up and down from top to bottom all day

Throbbing sounds as more people hold on

Anticipating the daily setting of the sun

Tourists swarm engulfing each day

Tall ships sailing in and then sail away

Comfort or style

Day 20 of the Napowrimo challenge. Today write poem that “talks.” largely based in spoken language, interspersed with the speaker/narrator’s own responses and thoughts.

Comfort or style

Wait a minute, maybe I’m right

Do I suit this or will I look a sight

Which shirt should I wear, blue or red

Indecision, can’t get it out of my head

I’ll try it on, do the sit down test

I know I’m old but I won’t need a vest

Dilemma over, hold on, which shoes

Do I toss a coin, I haven’t a clue

Do I choose for comfort or style

Can I cope or will I be hobbling for miles

Sensible shoes, comfort wins everytime

Give them a brush they’ll be fine

In my draw, which watch to choose

One for each day, here I know I can’t loose

Downstairs ready to go, looking smart

I’m nearly 60, trying to look the part

Top to toe I’m feeling great not blue

“You’re surely not wearing that” said Sue

A to Z of day 19

Day 19 of the Napowrimo challenge. Today write an abecedarian poem – a poem in which the word choice follows the words/order of the alphabet.

A to Z of day 19

As we travel along lifes turbulent pathway

Bring joy to people, don’t just go halfway

Clear all negative thoughts from your mind

Discover how positivity can shape your future signs

Extend good wishes to all, as this will

Foster relationships, see them overspill

Go the extra mile helping those in need

Have patience for all, that’s agreed

Invest time and effort you’ll see your reward

Justified by peace and accord

Keeping your standards high

Looking at the results you can’t deny

Manners they have no price

No-one should stop you, don’t take bad advice

Open the door, you’ll be in their minds

Please look for those positive signs

Quietly achieve and complete great things

Remove all barriers jumping through any rings

Set your sights high and don’t look back

Transform yourself and stay on track

Unassuming that’s how to be

Volunteering’s a feeling, try and you’ll see

Watch how life changes each day

Xpect nothing returned, especially pay

Your tolerance level must not be


All that remains

Day 18 of the Napowrimo challenge. Today write an elegy of your own, one in which the abstraction of sadness is communicated not through abstract words, but physical detail.

All that remains

A watch, a ring, a handkerchief marked “V”

All that remains, an image is all I see

A black and white photo, torn and faded

No longer here, memories are never jaded

The family you’ve not known

You’re grand children all now grown

That first realisation you were gone

The truth, slowly starting to dawn

Thirty years since, was it your time to die

Does your soul leave and really upwards fly

From above are you looking down

How she treated you, you’d tut and frown

Head of the family, the baton passed

Goodbyes not spoken, look forward not past

Up or down

Day 17 of the Napowrimo challenge. Today write a poem that similarly presents a scene from an unusual point of view.

Up or down

It’s tedious everyday going up and down

My “Out of order” sign makes the people frown

The office crowds, they’re pushing in tight

The things I’ve seen, they’re such a sight

Why do they squeeze in, it’s sometimes too full

I’d love a trap door, the lever I’d want to pull

Always in a hurry, at the controls they jab

Some should use the stairs to fight the flab

Numbers light up one by one, an overhead panel

If I was in a tower block, I’d be dismantled

My doors close, numbers from zero to eight

Each floor people rush out, leaving me in a state

One little graffiti, “John 2016 waz hear”

Can’t be cleaned, certainly not Shakespeare

My doors close, down again as I descend

On each floor, just a glance but I’d like to pretend

Cleaned every day, my brushed steel doors

Starting off polished, my three mirrored walls

By the end of the day, dirty discarded litter

I keep going twenty four hours,

I’m not bitter

Tell me why ?

Day 16 of the Napowrimo. Today write a poem that uses the form of a list. Mine starts with the same word each line.

Tell me why ?

Why isn’t life like a fairy tale

Why are always checking the scales

Why doesn’t money grow on trees

Why are some people on their knees

Why are some born with a silver spoon

Why if we really did, go to the moon

Why don’t I earn enough

Why can’t we get rid off dust and fluff

Why are some people luckier than others

Why are people eyes different colours

Why am I never on time

Why are we far too soft on crime

Why can’t I sleep all night and day

Why see things black and white not grey

Why is water wet

Why do we worry and fret

Why is our skin different but blood red

Why does religion cause bloodshed

Why is life a game of chance

Why are you looking through a rose tinted glass

Roll up, roll up

Day 15 of the Napowrimo challenge. Today write your own dramatic monologue. Create a sort of specific voice or character that can act as the “speaker” of your poem, and that could be acted by someone reciting the poem.

Roll up, roll up

Roll up, roll up come one and all

Come to the fair, see them short and tall

There’s things to see for your delictation

Brought together from across the nation

We’ve a sword swallower who fire eats

Test your strength, ring the bell it’s a feat

Weird and wonderful, they may even scare

Why not take a chance, that’s if you dare

We’ve llamas, a mermaid and a unicorn

Natures gifts from when they were born

See the amazing lady who never ages

At a hundred she’s dancing round the stage

There’s a bearded lady and a man in tights

It’ll open your eyes some of our sights

It’s an experience like never before

An extravaganza you’ll want it more and more

Murder most fowl

Day 14 of the Napowrimo challenge and the hardest so far. Today write a poem using homographs, homophones and homonyms. I’ll let you look those up. You’ll get the idea.

Murder most fowl

In the bank drawing out a roll of cash

The tiller closed pulling down the sash

It’s no miss stake their sign bore a sale

Floating on the lake, they’re hoisting their sail

Which should I choose, for the sake of Pete

There’s so much choice, steak, mussels, chicken and meat

Brushing back her hair, she drew her veil

The maiden I knew was really a male

But I knew were right, we’d queued through the night

But why, in that armour was I playing a knight

No sound did we hear, each minute, each hour

Back home for dinner I needed some flour

The tasty meal was flavoured by thyme

Our dinner wasn’t cheap, we had it with wine

Sat having roast chicken, t’was murder most fowl

Hear “here”, I’m throwing in the towel