Only way is up

It’s Sunday and the weekend’s over again. Today’s poem is from the standard daily prompt of ‘Enlighten’. This one’s a bit deep for me. 

Today : Only way is up 

At first the darkness was pulling me down 

As if closing in, beginning to drown 

Struggling to manage, can’t seem to cope 

Is it really worth it, doesn’t seem much hope 

Deep in the tunnel, help is the cry

No-one sees me but I don’t know why 

Slowly turn things round, yes I can

From gloom to boom, I’ll enlighten


Too technical for me 

Today we had the thilling event of changing a phone. After some negotiating and two visits to the shop the phone finally works. Fingers crossed.

Today : Too technical for me 

Eyes wide, you’re on a  buying spree

Who cares even if it’s a high fee

Salesman shows gimmicks and tricks

Once it’s home, “Oh no”, it sticks

There’s so many whistles and bells

Air turns blue, words ending in “hell”

The latest phone, sleek and smart

Of no use when it won’t start

Back to the shop, there you’ll stay

Salesman fixes it, like childs play

Convinced it’s a good choice, you suspect

Non-brand vs brand, would be good you’d expect

A kitchen full of soul 

It’s Friday and the weekend’s here. Today’s poem covers my passion of Soul music as I cook each weekend.

Today : A kitchen full of soul

The radio’s on, that old soul beat

Cooking dinner in the kitchen heat

Each Saturday evening, Radio Stoke at 6pm

It’s Richard Searling playing those 45 rpm

Memories flood back with the 60’s sounds

Tapping your feet as the records spin round

Sliding about on the laminate floor

Can’t do the back drops any more

Another record starts, what a winner

Sue says 

“No more dancing, where’s my dinner”

Prepare yourself

It’s Thursday and nearly the weekend. Today the poem is based on the standard daily prompt of ‘Express’. 

Today : Prepare yourself 

Round the houses, peoples eyes glaze 

Long winded, confused word maze

Not direct as you circumvent

Need clarity as you present

Plan what you say before you talk

Poor communication, people will walk

Be concise, accurate and clear

An air of confidence will appear

No longer will your audience guess

Put yourself across as you express

Go on, be brave

It’s Wednesday, the hump day. Todays poem relates to confidence and links to the daily prompt of ‘brave’.

Today : Go on, be brave 

Heart pounding, scared with fright

Dark shapes looming in the night

Put off something you dread

Run, hide under the bed

If your boots begin to quake

Grow a pair for ‘Petes sake’

Address events that you fear

Confidence is in your sphere

Don’t give in, fold and cave

Be like Spartacus

Be brave

Risky business 

Todays poem is from the daily prompt of ‘Risky’ and is tongue-in-cheek look at a current situation.

Today : Risky business 

A dangerous line some people tread

An income stop to the daily bread

Speak their mind when they should stay ‘Mum’

Else one sided with wrong outcome

Level of respect, needs to be earned

Wrong decisions, must be overturned

A turning point, they’ll be found out

Of that I’m sure, I have no doubt

All change round, toast with whisky

Continuing pace, to the business is risky

Remain loyal 

It’s the beginning of the week and Mondays poem is based on the standard daily prompt of ‘Remain’. 

Today : Remain loyal 

No matter what, side by side

Thick and thin, together we stride

Ups and downs and constantly there

During the bad until times turn fair

Always trust with your closest secret

Work through problems, devoted duet

Strange but we’re our closest pals

Whatever happens we’ll always remain loyal 

A helping hand 

Sundays poem is another from the daily prompt. Today’s is ‘ascend’. 

Today : A helping hand 

A good deed, a simple act

A helpful hand, for me to enact

A few words, go such a long way

Help people manage another day

Assisting others doesn’t always pay

Giants Causeway,  broken wrist my way

Encourage all, try and help out

Lots struggle, so many without

Small actions, impact than spend

Maybe a place when I ascend 

OK, I’ll succumb 

It’s the weekend again and todays poem is based on the standard daily prompt of ‘succumb’ and a cheeky mention of my love of watches.

Today : OK, I’ll succumb 

Concience pricks, do you need the taste? 

Regret it later in your haste

Will power or desperate ache?

Giving in to that slice of cake

Temptation calls, it’s the truth

Can’t resist my sweet tooth

Another drink, licking your lips

Only one, slowly drink in sips

A new watch, let’s do the sums

A Rolex please, yes I’ll succumb