Have some patience

Tonights poem is based on my work day. I’m on my own for a week so it’ll be busy.

Have some patience

Coming thick and fast, it’s going beserk

One after one, more requests for work

Strapped to the desk, working through the maze

Tapping the keyboard, fingers ablaze

It’s non-stop, no-one’s holding back

Getting through it but taking the flak

I’m on my own, have some patience

Or the bin’s your request destination

Everything’s urgent, needed today

If you’re lucky you’ll get by Friday


Our special afternoon

Tonights poem is based on my lovely afternoon with my very best friend for a catch up.

Our special afternoon

A date confirmed, our get together

No matter what, not even bad weather

Months have past since the last time

A catch up to talk, it’ll be just fine

Missed you so much since we sat side by side

For so many years, you’re almost my second bride

Perfect afternoon, everything’s ideal

Almost everyone there, a wonderful meal

You’re young family, there’s no disguise

They’re growing up in front of our eyes

Your excellent news, all fingers crossed

Hope you move soon, and all is not lost

Another date, let’s not let this go astray

Until then I’ll remember our meal today

In pain

Tonights poem is based on Richard Searling’s northern soul show on Radio Stoke.

In pain

Tonight from six dust off those records

Bygone music with mellow chords

Transform to time forty years ago

To a place where you let yourself go

Can’t help tapping those dancing feet

That beat has you out of your seat

Close you eyes, you’re there again

No dancing, your feet are in pain


Tonights poem is on the beautiful leaves that are now on the side of the road.


Once green, sprouting from branches

Discarded, falling in avalanches

Forming piles at the side of the road

Left to decay in their new abode

Different colours all shades of brown

A man, a machine, blown around

Trees stand bare till next year

Signals the fact Autumn’s here

My busy day

Tonights poem is based on my day today.

My busy day

Eight hours toiling in front of a screen

All top priorities, they’re obscene

One after one, signed off as complete

Always more, for my time they compete

Must be done today, again they’re urgent

Typing all day, my eyes are merging

Fingers whizzing they’re all a blurr

Works mounting, it can’t be deterred

On the seventh floor in our high rise

In my busy day the time flies

Isn’t it about time I had a rise ?

Could be you or me

Tonights poem is based on the numerous people seen everyday in big cities.

Could be you or me

No designer clothes, no armani suits

Not sharp dressed, no moleskin boots

Worldly possessions in a carrier bag

Sat on a corner, begging for a fag

People pass and look away

Could be you or me, enjoy everyday

Our new fridge freezer

Tonights poem is about a new fridge freezer finally delivered. This was attempt nunber 3 by 2 companies.

Our new fridge freezer

It’s been a journey, arrived at last

The kitchen space is in the past

This time around, finally fault free

All turned on, it works this number three

Sue’s happy, the new toy it’s pleased her

Just a white good, our new fridge freezer

Special Armistice Day

Tonights poem reflects on todays events around the world and our weekend away.

Special Armistice Day

Red poppies swaying as the breeze blows

How many ghosts, only heaven knows

Brave young men fighting in foreign lands

No longer here, passed like grains of sand

Machine gun slaughtered in muddy fields

A war to end wars, history will reveal

Without their sacrifice what would be

No peaceful world, but under lock and key

Our highland weekend to enjoy away

Say a prayer on this special Armistice Day

A highland gathering

Todays poem is yesterdays. Written very late. It’s based on our Scottish weekend away.

A highland gathering

A deep sleep or maybe a dream

Unexplained, all is not as it seems

Strange forces moving the bed

Or is it just all in my head

Relaxing day, off the city

Back home, from the granite city

Lazy afternoon, coffee or tea ?

No more to eat, no scones for me

Happened again, items moving

So sceptical, it needs disproving

This old hotel, there’s ghostly goings on

We’ve another night, at least till dawn

A time to get together, it’s the family party

All dressing up, we’re looking very smarty

Wonderful evening, but no ceilidh fling

A perfect weekend, our highland gathering